Resolution Update Preview

I’ve been working hard on the resolution update, without posting a lot of updates recently. However, now that the sprite artists have finished a majority of the work, I’m proud to share a teaser screenshot :) Enjoy!

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Outfit Re-work is done!

The entire outfit system has been re-written, and the new models are ready for use! The only ones playable right now are the human, and orc, both male, but many more to come!

(P.S. The color palette looks glitchy, but its just the GIF compression)

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Resolution Update Progress!

I’ve been lucky to have enough time to keep working on the resolution update. The sprint is going by way faster than I thought, and I’m already about half way done! Check out the new character outfits in the character creation menu! (P.S. new races teaser!)

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Shield Collisions Work

Got shield collisions to work! If you check the gif, you can see that a few of the spears were blocked (poof). The shield I used for testing had a 25% block chance, and I think I threw about 10 spears.

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Projectile Collisions Work!

Lucky for me, it wasn’t more than a couple hours of work to get projectile collisions working. See both included gifs, for the wand and thrown weapon collisions. This sprint is SO close to being done! SO


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Floating Combat Text Works!

After a long session of re-writing old code, and then adding the floating combat system on top, we now have damage numbers! Check out the image included, enjoy!

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Resource Bubbles Update!

As part of the combat & damage sprint, I’ve been working on updating the resource bubbles. There’s no some regen (1 per second), and the animation has been smoothed. In addition, there’s now text which updates to show how much of a resource you have left.

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Abilities Progress! Stealth Sneak-Peak

So, I’ve finally got most of the ability system working. You can drag abilities to the action bar, and they have cooldowns. Here’s a quick demo of stealth working. Obviously the name plate and health bar still have to be hidden. When stealthed, you see yourself somewhat transparent, however other players don’t see you at […]

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Thrown Weapons Work!

Thankfully I was able to re-use a lot of code from the ranged weapons section. Throwing weapons work, yay!

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Ranged Weapons Working!

I had a bit of  struggle getting this to work. There are some weird things Unity does with networking and rotations. Anyway, working on thrown weapons next! 😀

Also, I’ve included a funny little bug during my development, enjoy!

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