Open World Concept

The open world concept describes a world without a main quest line. We realize that you aren’t playing a game in order to fulfill some kind of RPG checklist. This isn’t another world that needs saving. Its a world that needs people.

An open world is a world where you are free to act as you see fit. Its a world full of adventure and mystery. Its a place where you can be anybody you choose to be.

Voting System

One thing about popular multi-player games that is extremely obvious is that the developers do not fundamentally understand how to balance the game. This isn’t due to lack of hard work, or good statistics. This is essentially a problem they shouldn’t be trying to solve. Why? Because this responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the players.

In Senacia, players above a certain level will be given a reward for participating in minor weekly votes, and major monthly votes. These votes will ask questions like:

  • Do you think the mage fireball spell does too much damage? Yes/No
  • How strong do you think bone-dragons are?  Weak / Fine / Overpowering
  • Why do you think there are such few elf players, and how can we fix this problem? Fill in the blank.

When players balance the game, they get the game they deserve. Democracy has its place in game development, and through the players votes, we can make it happen.

Player-Owned Property

We want players to be engaged and committed to the world they live and play in. Therefore, the only sensible thing is to allow players to be able to purchase houses, guild-halls, castles, estates, and much more.

Some of these building will be located in cities, close to busy roads. Some will be far away, on top of mountains, or hanging off the side of cliffs. Some will be by the ocean, and others deep underground. Some may even be dangerously close to fearsome monsters.

Multi-Class and Specialization System

An advanced multi-class and specialization system will allow players to create the characters they choose. The way it works is that each character starts off with a base class. From that base class they can choose to dual-class into another different class to combine those abilities, or to specialize into their own class to get better at the things they already do.

For example, a Mage could dual-class into a Mage/Warrior, or if he found that wanted to be a more pure spellcaster, he could choose to specialize as a Necromancer, or Elementalist.

Advanced Commerce System

Every game needs an economy, and with Senacia we’ve thought of everything. The advanced commerce system will give players all of the tools they need to buy, sell, and trade goods and services.

  • The gathering system will provide players access to raw materials such as herbs, metal, wood, and gems.
  • The crafting system will allow players to create items from raw materials.
  • The servicing system will allow players to offer services such as enchanting and socketing.
  • The merchant system will allow players to set-up shop, offer items for sale, and log off. The player will then remain logged in, in a safe zone, and other players can purchase items from the player. When the player logs back in, he’ll find that some of his items have sold, and that some amount of currency has been added to their character.
  • The auction house system will allow for players to trade across the land. No matter which faction a player belongs to, no matter how high or low level, a player can place items in the auction house, and purchase them from there as well.


The world of Senacia is full of gods that crave the favor of their followers. When players pray to their chosen deity, their deity bestows upon them some form of blessing. A player can choose to be entirely faithful to a single deity and receive their highest blessing, or a player can choose to be a polytheist and pray to multiple gods, grating them some minor blessings from each of the gods.

The gods in Senacia also are aware of their own favor. If a god is popular, and is prayed to often by players, then the blessings of that god will be strengthened. However, if a god is ignored, their blessings will have less power.

Devil Powers

Devil powers are a certain set of powers that players can gain through using certain items, or fullfilling certain quests. Once gained, these powers drastically increase the power of the player.

However, these powers come at a cost. The cost is the soul of the player. If a player dies after attaining one of the devil powers, the soul will be lost, and the player will never be able to log back in again.

Devil powers grant immense strength, but if you die, you die forever.


A major feature of Senacia, is the membership of players to organizations. Player-to-player interaction is at the core of the game, so we’ve developed a number of organizations, which help to facilitate interaction.

  • Families – Make families based on your player’s last name.
  • Guilds – Make guilds to organize with your friends.
  • Factions – You belong to a faction (race), and have allied factions and opposing factions.

Some of the features of organizations will be things like:

  • Bonus experience for being in the same area as a member of your organization.
  • The ability to collect taxes from members to enable fund-raising for events and parties.