This sprint will include all of the various code components related to combat and damage. For a full list of details, please see the scope of work document, or the list below.

Scope of work document: here

Start: 4/17/2016
Finish: 4/26/2016
Total: 9 days

Task (12) Completion Date (12)
 Collision detection for projectiles.  4/25/2016
 Collision detection for melee attacks.  4/21/2016
 Weapon damage numbers.  4/18/2016
 Shield/projectile collision.  4/26/2016
 Re-write text system & components  4/23/2016
 Floating combat damage  4/24/2016
Damage system  4/21/2016
Resource bubble smoothing  4/19/2016
Resource bubble text   4/19/2016
Resource regen 4/19/2016
Blood hit effect & sound effect 4/21/2016
Text scatter for floating text  4/25/2016