This sprint will include all of the various things involved with removing the old Tibia sprites, and moving the resolution of the game up from 32px to 64 pixels. Anything at size 64px will go to 128px.

Scope of work document: here

Start: 4/27/2016
Finish: ?
Total: ? days

Task (14) Completion Date (12)
Removal of sprite editor  4/29/2016
 Remove XML maps  5/5/2016
 Update editor render function  5/3/2016
 Prefab wizard cleanup and update  5/2/2016
 Script organization  4/29/2016
 Map editor update  5/4/2016
 Removal of unused Sprites  4/29/2016
 Deletion and re-creation of all prefabs
 Major cleanup of sprites folder  4/29/2016
 Client UI update  5/3/2016
 In-Game UI update  5/4/2016
 Rewrite outfit system  5/10/2016
 Create temp sprite assets  5/2/2016
Bug Testing and Fixes